GodsWriter was born Olanrewaju Timothy Osinowo Jr. in Ijebu-ode, Nigeria and  was raised in Lagos, Nigeria. His musical inklings began as a young boy. At the age of 12, he relocated with his family to the city of Houston, Texas. Talk about a change of pace, a change of lifestyle, a change of everything. Yet, GodsWriter's calling remained the same: He was created to write for God!

At 15, GodsWriter dabbled in writing poetry. 'I wrote about anything from material things, to lust, pride, et cetera', he shares. In 2003, GodsWriter re-dedicated his life to God, to be used to the fullness of God's glory. 2009 was the year that GodsWriter released his debut album titled 'Declare'. Tracks like '2 Da Sky', 'I Live,' 'Incredible', 'Curtain Call', and 'Letter 2 Da Soul' made listeners understand not to compromise themselves to this world, but to see their credentials in Christ Jesus.


In 2012, GodsWriter released his sophomore album titled 'The Awakening" which serves as an alarm clock to knock its listeners out of their state of mental sleep and awaken them into a new world - a life unequivocally dedicated to living for God.

GodsWriter has had the privilege to share his Christ-centered message in Japan, Belize, Kuwait, Australia, Trinidad, the United States and more. It is his desire to communicate the message of hope, salvation, restoration, and purpose through his music.
"As God works through me as a vessel, I hope to help people and churches know more about the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and to seek first His Kingdom and Righteousness."


                                                             - GodsWriter

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